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OK Labs closes security gaps with SecureIT Mobile Enterprise

Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs) has introduced SecureIT Mobile Enterprise, a software and services solution based on the company’s OKL4 Microvisor. SecureIT Mobile Enterprise enables mobile/wireless device manufacturers (OEMs), mobile network operators (MNOs), integrators and enterprise IT to build, acquire, and deploy wireless communications devices based on Android and other open operating systems (OSes) to support enterprise mobility. SecureIT Mobile Enterprise not only closes gaps in mobile security, it does so without compromising user privacy, limiting user choice, or impacting the user experience.

Mobile workers around the world increasingly prefer to use their own smartphones, tablets, and other wireless devices for both work and personal communications and computing. This consumerization of enterprise IT, a natural consequence of smartphone and mobile applications growth, puts new pressures on corporations to accommodate and secure employee-owned mobile devices. Currently, enterprise IT looks to Mobile Device Management (MDM) and endpoint security technologies such as encryption and anti-virus (AV) software, to bolster enterprise mobility. These technologies are necessary and powerful, but leave critical requirements unmet. In particular, MDM and security rely on the integrity of the underlying smartphone OS and software stack, which are vulnerable to exploits.

Moreover, logging user activity and auditing user content impinges upon personal privacy. Also, implementing enterprise security policy usually entails restrictions on freedom to fully use the capabilities of the device (e.g., blacklisting online destinations, curtailing application download and use). The unfortunate result is that employees continue to carry a second, personal device, leaving many benefits of enterprise mobility unrealized.

Deploying SecureIT Mobile Enterprise in a smartphone or tablet creates a software architecture with separate, isolated personal and enterprise domains on a single device. It meets employer requirements for security and employee needs for privacy and device functionality without the compromises that today limit enterprise mobility ROI.

Effective enterprise mobility rests on three pillars: security, privacy, and freedom to fully use the capabilities of the device. SecureIT Mobile Enterprise enables enterprise IT to deliver on all three – securing access to enterprise assets and services, ensuring user privacy and preserving intact smartphone user experience. All on a single off-the-shelf smartphone or tablet.

Today’s smartphones and tablets run open OSes and software stacks that rival desktop PCs. Enterprise IT uses virtualization to secure desktops – OK Labs SecureIT Mobile Enterprise deploys OKL4, the industry-leading mobile virtualization platform, for secure enterprise mobility.

SecureIT Mobile Enterprise helps companies deploy and manage enterprise applications and services alongside personal ones. Using OKL4 secure cells (virtual machines), SecureIT Mobile Enterprise isolates personal applications, services, and data from business-critical ones.

Supporting both open personal and trusted enterprise domains on a single physical device, SecureIT Mobile Enterprise reconciles the needs of the individual and the enterprise.


  • Preserves user privacy and freedom to fully use the capabilities of the device, enhancing enterprise mobility uptake and ROI
  • Keeps malware and other exploits from reaching enterprise applications and data, on the phone and upstream in the Cloud and data center
  • “Protects the Protectors,” keeping malware from degrading AV and MDM software
  • Valuable device and software capabilities remain available to boost worker productivity
  • Provides a security policy framework with OKL4 “capabilities,” offering fine-grained control over resource sharing and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that cross between domains

Availability – SecureIT Mobile Enterprise Product and White Paper
Both the SecureIT Mobile Enterprise product and a SecureIT Mobile Enterprise white paper are available today at www.ok-labs.com/landing/secure-it-mobile-enterprise/.

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