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OK Labs offer virtualization of Android platform


LONDON — Open Kernel Labs (Sydney, Australia), a provider of virtualization software for mobile phones and broadband internet devices, has introduced OK:Android, an off-the-shelf paravirtualized version of the Android smartphone platform.

OK:Android allows Android to be used as a guest operating system running in a secure hypercell on top of the OKL4 microvisor, the OK Labs mobile phone virtualization platform. The combination of OK:Android and OKL4 increases the security and robustness of Android, the company claimed. OK:Android helps reduce time to market for a new wave of Android devices, the company also claimed.

OK Labs virtualization technology has been shipped in more than 300 million mobile handsets, including Android-based devices where OKL4 runs on the baseband processor, the company said.

“OK:Android builds on the strong synergies between the OKL4 microvisor and the Android mobile OS,” said Steve Subar, CEO of OK Labs, in a statement. “Both Android and OKL4 are based on dynamic open source projects, both are shipping in volume, and both streamline development through abstraction — Android at the applications level and OKL4 for system software, including Android itself. Together in OK:Android, they offer OEMs, MNOs and ISVs a flexible, portable and secure applications and services platform.”

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