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Oki drives down ZigBee chip active power consumption


San Jose, Ca. – At the Zigbee Open House here this week, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. showed off a single chip Zigbee chip that it believes will reduce the current and power draw during active operation, critical in meeting the strict battery-life requirements of the wireless control protocol.

According to Masahiko Morioka, President of Silicon Solutions Company at Oki Electric, the ML7222, which uses the CompXs ZigBee Stack developed by Integration Associates, Inc., has half the powerconsumption compared to conventional products.

He said the ML7222 includes allfunctions necessary to create a single chipZigBee based product, including the RF, MAC layer, ZigBee layers and aprogrammable MCU for user applications.

Because the chip includes a 10-bit analog/digital converter and 16input/outputports, Morioka said a ZigBee end device based on ML7222 can collect avariety ofinformation with various combinations of sensors and switches. Inadditionthe ML7222 is ideal for ZigBee end devices, and is suitable for use asaZigBee coordinator or ZigBee router, depending on the application andnetwork scale.

The ML7222 minimizes current consumption to 24mA when transmitting,and26mA when receiving, which is more than 50% reduction in powerconsumptioncompared to conventional products.

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