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Olympus buys into the Moore Microprocessor Patent Portfolio License


Cupertino, Ca. – Representing the eighth major electronics company topurchase the rights to use the Moore Microprocessor Patent (MMP) portfolio, digital camera and consumer electronics company Olympus Corp. has just entered into an agreement with The TPL Group's Alliacense..

Olympus follows in the footsteps of HP, Casio, Fujitsu, Sony, Nikon,Seiko Epson and Pentax, all of whom purchased an MMP license from TheTPL Group this year.

The MMP Portfolio patents, filed by The TPL Group in the 1980s,cover techniques that enable higher performance and lower cost designs,and arefundamental to consumer and commercial digital systems ranging from DVDplayers, cell phones and portable music players to communicationsinfrastructure, medical equipment and automobiles.

Based on patents originally filed by inventor Charles “Chuck”Moore, the MMP Portfolio includes seven US patents as well as theirEuropean and Japanesecounterparts fundamental to the design of modern microprocessors,microcontrollers and system-on-chip devices.

Developed in a joint venture between the TPL Group and Moore, theMMP Portfolio today is jointly owned by privately held TPL Group andpublicly held Patriot ScientificCorporation.

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