OMAP 4 processor improves web browsing performance -

OMAP 4 processor improves web browsing performance


The OMAP4470 applications processor from Texas Instruments Inc. is designed to deliver a balance between processing power, graphics, display subsystem functionality and multilayered user interface composition.

The multicore OMAP4470 processor provides a clock speed up to 1.8 GHz, an 80 percent increase in Web browsing performance, increased memory bandwidth, a 2.5x boost in graphics functionality—via the POWERVR SGX544 core from Imagination Technologies—and a hardware composition engine.

It supports display resolutions up to QXGA (2048×1536) with simultaneous support for up to three HD screens. A combination of a hardware composition engine with a dedicated 2D graphics core, a sophisticated display subsystem, and dual-channel LPDDR2 memory enables up to 7.5 GB/s of throughput to composite the graphics and/or video data output.

This frees the GPU to perform graphics-intensive tasks such as gaming or widget creation while the compositing process is assigned to more power-efficient hardware subsystems.

The OMAP4470 processor is the first OMAP offering to leverage the POWERVR SGX544 and has  two ARM Cortex-A9 MPCores running up to 1.8GHz per core and two ARM Cortex-M3 cores

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