Omron targets strategic customers with global account managers -

Omron targets strategic customers with global account managers

LONDON — Omron Components Business Europe has appointed Jose Luis Gonzalez to lead a newly created team of global account managers in Europe with Fabrizio Vitali and Sean Eley becoming the first two members of his team.

Gonzalez reports directly to the ECB Headquarters in Kyoto, Japan, and will be part of a 40-strong worldwide team responsible for partnerships with strategic customers, especially trans-regional OEMs and CEMs.

Global account managers are aligned to sectors, and Gonzalez will also take responsibility for telecommunications while Vitali will look after home appliance and Eley will look after CEMs.

A fourth member of the team in Europe is to be announced shortly, handling the mobile and portable business area while Gonzalez has identified automotive and building automation as further areas which require more dedicated support.

“Omron has always taken a global view of our relationship with global customers, but the new structure enables a much closer dialogue between the individuals responsible for that relationship in different parts of the world, allowing us to understand these major customers better, and align ourselves exactly,” said Gonzalez. “Our brief extends to customers that are strategic for other reasons, for example customers that are dominant in a specific market sector or product group, but are not necessarily global.”

Nigel Blakeway, COO, Omron Components Business Europe believes that the Global Account Managers will enhance Omron’s competitiveness to the benefit of all customers. He said, “With the speed that the market operates in 2006 either you’re first or you’re out. Omron aims to be first every time, and the Global Account Manager team is central to giving reality to that vision.”

Gonzalez, who will continue in his role as Omron’s general manager for Iberia, joined the company in 1989 in a sales role.

Jose Gonzalez (Centre) heads-up new Global Account Manager team which includes Fabrizio Vitali (left) and Sean Eley (right).

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