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On-line RFID shop to meet U.K. demand


LONDON — RFID equipment and services provider, RFIP, has launched an on-line RFID shop designed to cater for small to medium size businesses and System integrators who want a 'one stop source' for RFID readers, reader antennas, tags, system components and printer encoders.

David Armstrong, director of RFIP, said, “One major factor that has slowed the uptake of RFID has been the non-availability of RFID system components in small quantities. RFIP removes complexity from the installation and application of RFID technology so making it much easier for companies to trial and implement RFID systems in their businesses.”

The RFID Shop has negotiated supply arrangements with a number of ISO and EPC approved chip and RFID equipment suppliers, including ACG, Caen, In2Connect, iPico, Magellan Technology, MaxID, Poynting Antennas, ScanSource, SmartID, Texas Instruments and X-Ident.

RFIP was founded as a joint venture by IP management company, BTG, and RFID reader supplier, SAMSys, in 2002 to develop a family of ISO 18000 compliant UHF RFID chips. RFIP’s management team acquired the company in early 2005 and re-organised RFIP to focus on the delivery of RFID equipment, consultancy and training.

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