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On the Road Again

The next phase after ubiquitous computing is invisible computing, said keynote speaker Robert X. Cringely this past Tuesday at the Chicago Embedded Systems Conference.

Funny he should say that. Bernie Cole, in his ongoing quest for an adequate name for net-centric computing has also latched on that term, which one of his correspondents kindly suggested.

Computing is disappearing into the fabric of our lives, and mobility is one of the factors making it possible. Larry Mittag examines an extension to TCP/IP that addresses the unique needs of mobile systems. Mobile IP is designed around the idea of presenting applications with a virtual network that is in a constant place in the addressing hierarchy even though in reality the user has wandered down the road.

There's no question that embedded systems development is getting harder, and schedules are definitely not stretching out to accommodate it. Are you overworked and undercompensated? Overworked people burn out fast and develop major attitude problems, says Jack Ganssle. Read about it in Overuse of Overtime? and let him know if you agree.

For those of you still coming up to speed in embedded software development, more help is available. You can find an explication of the keyword volatile in the regularly featured Beginner's Corner .

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