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On time and within budget


For those of you unable to make the trip to San Francisco, the Embedded Systems Conference was a rousing success and quite well attended despite everyone having to weather what one editor called the “perfect storm” — a recession, a war, and SARS. You can read all about the conference here. Besides finding all the news about the conference, you can watch a video of Sir Robin Saxby's keynote and download a PDF of his slides.

Perhaps you couldn't make the trip because marketing had some last minute changes to the product you're developing. What do you tell marketing when they want to add a new feature to a product that's in the middle of development? “Well, yeah, you can have it, but it will add two man years to the project, and we can only allocate half of one person's time to work on it.” Marketing won't be pleased. But what if that feature spells the difference between success and failure in the marketplace?

Yes, scheduling is a problem. Not only do you have to come up with a realistic schedule, but you have to be able to accommodate changes along the way. Jack Ganssle focuses on scheduling this time. The poll solicits your views on scheduling and any bright ideas you may have to make it work. Here are the results so far.

Speaking of time, Beginner's corner features an introduction to real-time Java authored by a primary member of the team that designed the Real-Time Specification for Java who is currently on the Technical Interpretation Committee. The spec improves on determinism and multitasking and adds memory-mapped I/O support.

And in “Making sense of uncertainty,” Michael Becker offers some practical tips for dealing with measurement uncertainty and accounting for errors in software.

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