One-wire EEPROM gets power from data interface -

One-wire EEPROM gets power from data interface


Atmel Corp. has released its first new memory chip in more than a decade, a serial EEPROM that needs only a data line and ground. It derives all the power it needs from its interface with the MCU host. The device targets applications such as electronic cable identification, wearable IoT devices, and consumable products needing electronic identification.

The AT21CS01/11 series devices provide 1024 bits of storage organized as four, 32-byte zones, each of which can be individually write protected to make them tamper-proof. In addition, the devices offer a 64-bit security register factory-programmed with a unique serial number, and a 16-byte user-programmable register that can both also be write-protected. The device's power requirements typically call for 700 nA standby current, 80 µA read current, and 200 µA write current at 25°C,. As many as eight devices can be accessed on a single bus.

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