Online system eases FEC certification for wireless devices -

Online system eases FEC certification for wireless devices


LONDON —  BABT, the UK-based telecommunications certification body (TCB), has launched an 'Online Application Portal' for manufacturers of wireless communications devices that want to sell products in the US.

The online product certification service allows manufacturers to apply and pay for their product certification on line, with the benefit of reducing costs and time to market. The Online Application Portal is designed to simplify the process of gaining authorisation from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US.  

It guarantees a response within one working day, incorporating an optional online payment facility and allowing manufacturers from any location around the world to apply to BABT for product approval.

 BABT is authorised by the FCC to issue approvals for a wide range of equipment under CFR47, the regulations with which every wireless communications device sold inside the US must comply.

To use the  system the applicant completes online forms and uploads relevant supporting documents.  The system automatically calculates the price for product submission. All forms and documents are reviewed by BABT (to ensure that the correct options have been selected, documents uploaded and that the product can be accepted) and then product approval is granted within one working day of the online form completion.

BABT is accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) against EN 45011 (Product Certification Systems) and ISO 17021 (Certification and Registration of Quality Systems).

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