Open architecture eliminates IP services bottleneck -

Open architecture eliminates IP services bottleneck

Bytemobile's Unison is an open architecture that unifies, simplifies, and accelerates operator networks while expanding their ability to deploy new integrated content dynamic services such as content filtering, dynamic portal optimization, and content-based flexible billing.

In traditional multiple IP service deployments, operators encounter technical hurdles such as computational redundancy, operational inefficiency, and increased latency as each service often performs the same packet processing and service applications unnecessarily. When left unchecked, these redundant processes dramatically drive up total cost of ownership and also put a significant drag on the subscriber experience.

The Unison solution incorporates Bytemobile’s Dynamic Services Engine, which consolidates and centralizes the lengthy series of multiple processing functions at the front end of the data path. Within the Dynamic Services Engine, data transactions are handled in an especially efficient way due to fast-path multiplexing that classifies all data bits in real-time and ensures that only the necessary packets for any transaction are processed. Those that don’t require service processing incur no delay.

By implementing this consolidated approach, operators can launch new services while simultaneously achieving a cost savings. More information is available at

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