Open-loop Picomotor controller/driver module has 4 channels -

Open-loop Picomotor controller/driver module has 4 channels

New Focus has launched its new Model 8742 Open-Loop Picomotor controller/driver module with 4 channels. The compact, single-box design with an integrated controller and driver provides a low-cost solution for driving New Focus open-loop Picomotor products. The new module can be computer controlled with plug-and-play ease via the USB 2.0 and the 10/100 Ethernet interfaces using Newport's Motion Control Language (NMCL) command set.

Advanced features for Model 8742 include the Picomotor auto-detection technology, an embedded dynamic HTTP server, and connectivity supported by LabVIEWTM and WindowsDLL. The intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) Windows application includes a device auto-discovery component. Available as a stand-alone unit or as a 4-axis kit to include all the necessary cables and accessories.

Each controller/driver can control one of four 4-pin RJ-22 single output ports for use with any single-channel Picomotor actuator. Targeted for a wide variety of scientific applications, the 8742 controller/driver is CE and ROHS compliant.

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