Open-source code tests security of smart meters -

Open-source code tests security of smart meters


SecureState has made its Termineter open-source code for testing the security on smart meters available for download on SecureState's tool page and will demonstrate it at Black Hat USA on Wednesday, July 25.

SecureState says it's lucky to demo the product without pressure from vendors, according to a Dark Reading article (Kelly Jackson Higgins, “Smart Grid Researcher Releases Open Source Meter-Hacking Tool”), as vendors have pressured at least one other companies with a similar product to cancel a demo.

The Termineter framework avoids vendor-specific information and supports ANSI C12.18 and ANSI C12.19 standards.  In a press release, SecureState says, “Termineter gives users fine-grained control and direct access to the data on the meter.  Current modules allow users to read and write raw data to tables, which in turn can be used to initiate procedures. Certain modules require passwords in order to be used. Additional modules allow higher level access to certain functionality, such as parsing useful information from the Security, Modem and Log tables.”

SecureState is a management consulting firm specializing in information security. For more info about Termineter, see press release.

See Dark Reading's article about Termineter: “Smart Grid Researcher Releases Open Source Meter-Hacking Tool” by Kelly Jackson Higgins, posted Jul 19, 2012.

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