OpenVPX Carrier eases integration of XMC mezzanine cards -

OpenVPX Carrier eases integration of XMC mezzanine cards

The VPX6-218 from the Defense Solutions division of Curtiss-Wright Corporation is a rugged 6U OpenVPX XMC carrier card that enables system designers to quickly and easily add up to two XMC (VITA 42.3) mezzanine module cards to their OpenVPX-based embedded systems. The fully rugged carrier card, which supports eight lanes of PCIe Gen2, provides designers with the flexibility to expand their system architecture with the exact I/O their application requires. Its high speed, low latency PCIe interface communicates with the host processor over the backplane.

The VPX6-218 can host two 25W XMCs and is designed to support today’s high performance mezzanine modules, which require more power than typical I/O modules, such as Curtiss-Wrights XF07 XMC. This fully OpenVPX-compliant carrier card provides a lower power, reduced cost, and higher reliability alternative to its predecessor, the VPX6-215. The VPX6-218 speeds the integration of high-end XMC-based devices into VPX system designs. It is ideal for use in deployed applications intended for harsh defense and aerospace environments, including ground combat vehicles, and manned and airborne platforms.

The VPX6-218 XMC carrier is designed to support high performance, high power XMC modules such as Curtiss-Wright’s XMC-715 Graphics Controller and XF07-518 Quad 500MSPS 14b Xilinx Kintex-7 Digital Receiver, eliminating performance and thermal challenges for system designers. The new carrier complements a wide range of Curtiss-Wright COTS solutions for defense and aerospace, including our VPX6-1957 and VPX6-1958 Intel Core i7-based Single Board Computers and our CHAMP-AV8 and CHAMP-AV9 (DSPs). Curtiss-Wright COTS solutions, which include modules available in VPX and XMC mezzanine form factors and a complete family of fully integrated subsystems, are designed for immediate deployment, delivering optimal performance in the most rugged environments.

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