OpenVPX system specification gets ANSI ratification -

OpenVPX system specification gets ANSI ratification


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has ratified the OpenVPX System Specification under ANSI/VITA 65.0-2010. OpenVPX is the architecture framework that defines system-level VPXinteroperability for multivendor, multimodule, integrated system environments.

In february the VITA Standards Organization (VSO) working group responsible for the VITA 65 OpenVPX System Specification has ratified the specification which now meets the final criteria enabling balloting to proceed for ANSI ratification.

“The efforts of the VITA 65 working group represent a significant shift in the industry,” said Ray Alderman, executive director of VITA. “Major industry buyers came to us to get an architectural framework for VPX in place, and quickly. The team responded start to finish in less than 14 months, which is quite incredible given the scope of the project.”

“OpenVPX truly defines a system-wide specification that streamlines the use of VPX,” said Neil Peterson, Chairman of the VPX Marketing Alliance. “OpenVPX was defined to give us room to grow the technology and meet future industry needs without impacting current work.”

VPX is gaining design wins in many data-intensive applications where performance in throughput and high-compute density (size) are critical factors. Example applications in which VPX systems are expected to be deployed in the coming year include signal and video processing, radar, communications, transportation, and control and management.

VPX is a broadly defined technology utilizing the latest in a variety of switch fabric technologies in 3U and 6U Eurocard format modules. The OpenVPX framework delineates clear interoperability points necessary for integrating module to module, module to backplane, and chassis. OpenVPX will evolve and incorporate new fabric, connector, and system technologies as new standards are defined.

In support of the VPX family of specifications, VITA members have been rolling out a wide range of products suited to a variety of applications, from backplanes and chassis to 3Uand 6U boards of various types. Nearly 100 products are already listed in the VITA product directory under OpenVPX. With the completion of this specification, suppliers are now identifying their products with the profile information necessary to make product selection for specific profiles.

The ANSI/VITA65-2010 document is available from VITA.

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