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Opera 8.5 brings Internet and Web to consumer electronics and TVs

LONDON — Opera Software's (Oslo, Norway) Opera 8.5 is now available for use on a range of Linux-based devices to enable OEMs and operators to include an optimized full Internet experience and an execution environment for Web applications.

Opera 8.5 extends on the flexibility and functionality provided for desktop computers and mobile phones to make it suitable for Linux-based Devices.

Using Opera's Extensible Rendering Architecture (ERA), it re-formats Internet pages to suit any screen size, and uses spatial navigation to easily navigate pages with any input device. For TVs and set-top boxes, Opera also includes TV rendering (TVR) and integration with leading digital and IPTV middleware solutions.

ERA re-formats Internet pages on the fly to suit any screen size, from two-inch LCDs, to giant 16:9 flat panel TVs. Horizontal scrolling is eliminated, and anti-flicker technology and TV-optimized fonts provide steady images on traditional CRT screens.

Device applications can be developed using HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript. Opera supports Unicode and proprietary character encodings, and has full support for Bi-Directional scripts. Global deployments are powered using Input Method Editors (IME) and the integrated iType font engine.

Opera's platform independent code can be ported to new platforms by the embedded engineering team at Opera Software. Opera has architecture builds for the following platforms: MIPS, ARM, Intel xScale, SH4, x86, PowerPC and Equator.

Opera is currently being shipped in devices from Archos, NDS, Nokia, Thales and Amino.

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