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Operating system updated


MUNICH — Version 0.98 of Miray Software's µnOS embedded and PC operating system includes a number of runtime enhancements of the system core, an improved window server, a new intelligent console interface and additional system utilities.

The process manager, the central controlling system of µnOS, has a number of improvements in speed and stability whereas the mature core of nOS, the Sphere Kernel, is unchanged compared to the previous version.

The window server in µnOS 0.98 has been expanded and improved with resizing as well as minimizing and maximizing of windows by the user now fully supported. Different layers of overlapping windows have been introduced; this enables the realization of different window levels and windows which are always on top.

The new console interface is similar to the VGA text mode with columns and rows as well as foreground and background color for every character. The number of columns and rows as well as font face and size are adjustable, and there are 16 million colors possible each for foreground and background.

Each program can have several console windows, enabling the programmer to use different windows for input, status, and help output of a console application.

The console interface supports sequential driven programs (in contrast to event driven programs with the GUI) and speeding implementation of simple tasks. Console windows can be programmed via matrix functions or via positioning and printing functions.

The output logic (similar to DOS) is also suitable for porting old text mode programs to µnOS. Program structure and logic can be used without changes, which minimizes efforts. The new input and output functions are similar to the old ones with regard to names and parameters. Examples for this are the programs Hangman, Snake and PCISniffer which are provided on the demo disk. The console API also offers interfaces for simple integration of keyboard and mouse.

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