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Optoelectronics supplier boosts management

Blantyre, Scotland — Neil Weston has joined optoelectronic supplier Intense as President of Sales and Marketing. Previously with JDS Uniphase and Agilent Technologies, Weston has almost 20 years' experience in the optoelectronics industry.

Intense uses a proprietary development and manufacturing technique known as quantum well intermixing (QWI). QWI allows multiple optical functions such as lasers and amplifiers to be fabricated on a chip in a single processing stage. It has grown from 20 to 50 staff over the last two years.

It has raised funding totalling £21.25million from Cazenove Private Equity, 3i, ACT Venture Capital, FNI Venture Capital, Alice Ventures and TTP Ventures and in June 2001 acquired Du Pont Photo Masks (UK) Ltd to obtain its facility in Blantyre, Scotland that includes a Class 1 clean room.

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