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Oracle Event Processing for Java Embedded


Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded is a smaller footprint version of Oracle Event Processing tailored for deployment on gateways. It is designed and optimized to handle large volumes of data coming from implementations such as industrial and building control, e-health, smart grid and home automation that need support for edge devices like wireless modules for Machine to Machine communication (M2M) and environmental sensors.

The new release is fully integrated and certified with Oracle Java Embedded Suite and is a key component of Oracle’s complete, “device to datacenter” platform for simplifying and accelerating the implementation and deployment of M2M solutions and services. It provides reduced latency for faster critical decision making, remote operation for more effective use of network resources, as well as dynamic online application updates for more rapid time to market.

Oracle Event Processing leverages Oracle Coherence for in-memory grid computation and is tightly integrated with Hadoop and NoSQL, and is a critical element of Oracle’s Fast Data solutions, providing organizations with real-time insight into data before it gets inserted in Big Data warehouses. Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded is designed to provide companies the ability to handle massive volume and growth of data coming from edge devices by processing data closer to the source.

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