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ORBexpress extends LynxOS-SE support to ARM Cortex-A8

ORBexpress from Objective Interface Systems, Inc. (OIS) now supports LynuxWorks' LynxOS-SE on the high-performance, power-efficient ARM Cortex-A8 processor.

ORBexpress provides a communication infrastructure that enables real-time and embedded devices in heterogeneous environments to communicate seamlessly. With the combination of ORBexpress, LynxOS-SE, and the ARM Cortex-A8, developers can achieve higher performance while minimizing size, weight, and power usage (SWAP). Developers can produce very small form factor devices such as software-defined radios (SDR) using the smallest communications middleware on ARM's most power-efficient processor with a fast, robust operating system.

LynxOS-SE is based on open standards and is designed to specifically fulfill the stringent needs of multi-threaded and multi-process applications in high-performance systems. With the release of LynxOS-SE, LynuxWorks now offers a powerful combination of POSIX and ARINC 653 compliance. Open standards promote application portability, software reuse and system interoperability, and this translates into time-to-market and investment-protection benefits for developers.

ORBexpress is available in C++, Java, Ada, and FPGA. For more information about ORBexpress and the OIS portfolio of products, visit: www.ois.com/products/ois-products.html, call 1 800-800-OIS7 in the U.S or e-mail inquiries to .

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