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OSRAM readies red chip with 300-lm brightness value

Santa Clara, Calif.—OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is developing a red 1 mm² chip, featuring the latest thin-film technology, with brightness values of more than 300-lm.

The chip will be used in the company's Dragon and Ostar LEDs, and is targeted for applications in the projection and automotive sectors where high luminance and efficient output is in increased demand.

The red chip has a power consumption of 6-W, achieves 52-lm/W, and features a wavelength of 615 nm from an operating current of 2-A. As a comparison, the existing red Platinum DRAGON has an output of 96-lm from a consumption of 2.5-W, and a luminous efficacy of 38-lm/W.

“OSRAM has achieved this enormous increase in brightness by designing the new red chips to handle higher currents. This has resulted from optimizing the series resistors,” according to Ralph Wirth, development engineer at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, in a statement.

Availability: Series production by the third quarter of 2008.
To access the Thinfilm InGaAIP new chip graph, click here.

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