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OTDR equipment analysis from FIA


London, UK — The Fibreoptic Industry Association has published The Fibre Optic Test Equipment Selection Guide, a listing of almost 90 different OTDR models produced by the 10 suppliers in the UK.

The guide, which will be regularly updated is available as a free Excel spreadsheet download for FIA members.

The FIA says while some equipment classes may be covered by specifications published by Bellcore, International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), Electronic Industry Association (EIA) or the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), care must be exercised when comparing detailed specifications, as there are no rigid guidelines on how this information must be presented.

While these standards provide some guidance, they do not all necessarily agree on some of the definitions used when describing test equipment form, function and specification.

The guide has been compiled solely using manufacturers' published data sheets and specifications available in the public domain and includes a glossary of commonly used definitions.

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