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Oxford provides digital update

London, UK — The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) centre at Oxford University CPD is to hold a High-Speed Digital Engineering Week on June 21 to 25 providing a five-day series of short courses, panel discussions and consultation sessions especially developed for digital hardware engineers throughout Europe.

During this week six courses will span the subjects of signal and power integrity, high-speed serial links, measurement technique, simulation, and EMC.

The courses run for two days each, three on Monday and Tuesday, three more on Thursday and Friday, plus a general panel discussion and design 'clinic' on Wednesday, which is open to all attending delegates. Wednesday's activities will also include group consultation sessions, during which delegates can pose their questions to any of the course authors.

The courses will include Dr. Howard Johnson presenting Advanced High-Speed Signal Propagation and High-Speed Digital Design; Dr Bruce Archambeault of IBM, covering Printed Circuit Board Design for Real-World EMI Control; High Speed Design, Partitioning, Integration, Architecture and EMC by W Michael King; High Frequency Measurements in Signal Integrity, Design, and Troubleshooting by Douglas Smith; and Signal Integrity 'Right by Design' by Dr Edward Sayre, CEO, North East Systems Associates.

For more information visit the Oxford University CPD website

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