PA modules increase talk time for CDMA handsets -

PA modules increase talk time for CDMA handsets


A pair of power amplifiers (PAs) have the potential to significantly reduce battery power consumption in a CDMA handset, permiting an increase in talk time by as much as 30 minutes. Developed by Agilent Technologies, the PAs are built with the company's CoolPAM technology. The modules, which fit in 3- by 3-mm packages, also let the handsets avoid “hot spots.” Dubbed the WS1102 and WS1401, the CDMA PA modules designed for handsets operating in the 824- to 849-MHz and 1850- to 1910-MHz bands, respectively. The WS1102 also operates in AMPS mode for backward compatibility with North American analog cellular systems.

The CoolPAM PAs operate at 3.4 V (3.2 V minimum) for compatibility with the latest low-power handset designs. They incorporate 50-ê input and output matching networks for simple integration, and are equipped with a control pin that sets operating parameters for highest efficiency when operating at low-output power levels. The power-added efficiency is 20% at 16 dBm. The 8-pin surface-mount modules assure high thermal conductivity, which minimizes temperature rise for higher reliability. The WS1102 and WS1401 modules sell for $1.30 each in moderate quantities. Sample and production quantities are available now. Further information about Agilent's power amplifier modules is available at

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