PA pair suits WiMAX applications -

PA pair suits WiMAX applications

Broadband wireless access (BWA), 802.16 (WiMAX), and general S-Band high-power amplifier applications are the targets for TriQuint Semiconductor's latest pair of power amplifiers (PAs). The two PAs provide a some key performance advantages, including an instantaneous bandwidth of 200 MHz across any segment of the 3.3- to 3.9-GHz band with simple pcb layout and two external components. While designed to support the stringent linearity requirements of multi-carrier applications, both devices can deliver high saturated power and PAE. The SMT-style package incorporates internal partial matching to simplify pcb design and a high thermal conductivity copper alloy base to maximize heat removal from the amplifier.

The TGA2923-SG is a 10-W amplifier optimized for 3.5-GHz BWA and WiMAX applications. It can be matched for about 200-MHz instantaneous bandwidth in the 3.3- to 3.9-GHz frequency band with only two external components. It's suited for both BWA basestation and subscriber station apps as well as high power, high PAE S-Band applications.

The TGA2925-SG is a 5.6-W PA optimized for 3.5-GHz basestation or subscriber station wireless equipment . It is also appropriate for high-power, high PAE S-Band applications. Like the TGA2923, only two external components are needed. Typical performance at 3.5 GHz will produce 11 dB nominal gain, 37.5 dBm Pout, and an IMD3 level of -50 dBc at 24 dBm SCL. Linear output power greater than 29 dBm results in an EVM of less than 2.5% with a multi-carrier OFDM type input waveform.

A datasheet for the TGA2923-SG is available at The TGA2925-SG datasheet is at

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