Package bundles baseband modem SoC with multi-standard software libraries -

Package bundles baseband modem SoC with multi-standard software libraries

STMicroelectronics unveiled a comprehensive solution for pico-cell base-station modems that combines the performance of a SoC baseband processor for wireless infrastructure applications, the STW51000 (, with multi-standard software libraries optimized for GSM, EDGE, W-CDMA, and WiMAX networks. By combining a DSP, ARM cores, a large amount of embedded memory, and dedicated co-processors in one device with the software libraries, this baseband modem meets the cost and size constraints of pico- and nano-cell base station designs.

Compared with competing solutions, ST’s base-station modem offers a lower bill-of-materials and smaller footprint, and up to 1.2 GHz of quad-MAC DSP core performance and 300 MHz of ARM926 processing power. Both DSPs only run the signal processing tasks that they're optimized for, and thus no DSP cycles are wasted to execute the control tasks. The ARM926 acts as the SoC controller, handling all control tasks such as protocol stacks, memory management, RTOS, and drivers.

The solution includes a full set of associated software libraries. STW51000 samples, evaluation boards, and tools are available now. Delivered in the PBGA 569 package, the device costs $50 in volume. More information is available at

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