Packages pave low-cost way to customize Linux -

Packages pave low-cost way to customize Linux


Pittsburgh—With a price tag of only $499, Built-to-Spec Custom Linux Distributions from TimeSys Corp. are designed to give developers of embedded systems a low-cost way to customize Linux to meet their design’s unique feature, footprint, and processor requirements. Versions are presently available for designs built around PowerPC, IntelXScale/IA-32, MIPS, and ARM processors.

All Built-to-Spec Custom Linux Distributions include full source code ad prebuilt binary packages for the following components:

• Cross-development tool chain and development packages for the target embedded processor.

• Prebuilt target root file system and corresponding sources consisting of a wide range of packages that form a feature-rich embedded Linux real-time environment.

• Linux kernel configured for the specified processor or board.

• Free 14-day evaluation of Eclipse 3.0-base TimeStorm Linux Development Suite, a cross-development platform, kernel, and device driver platform customization.

In addition, Built-to-Spec Custom Linux Distributions serve as an entry point into TimeSys Corp.’s Linux Customization Solutions, which consist of Web-based automated development, build, and validation components and systems that help developers tailor Linux on their own while saving money, effort, and time.

For example, developers can start with Built-to-Spec Custom Linux Distributions and then tailor the results further by using the Web-based secure Linux Component Repository and Platform Builder along with local Eclipse-based development and test tools.

Built-to-Spec Custom Linux Distributions can be configured and ordered on line at by clicking here.

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