Packet switching platform targeting advanced access services over Ethernet -

Packet switching platform targeting advanced access services over Ethernet


Optimized to deliver time-sensitive voice and multimedia traffic in packet-based networks, Zarlink's full-service Layer 2 Ethernet switches can assist in the migration from a time division multiplex (TDM) infrastructure to voice-over-IP (VoIP) and “triple play” voice, video, and data services. The switch family consists of devices with Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet port options. They're based on an architecture that integrates high QoS and traffic management features to ensure that voice, multimedia, and control traffic receive precedence during network congestion conditions.

Packets entering the device are classified to a flow based on rules using information such as source, destination, or application, as well as standards-based priority schemes. Packets are scheduled using algorithms, such as SP (strict priority) and WFQ (weighted fair queuing), to manage and prioritize queued traffic. Precise rate control down to 64 kbits/s granularity on both ingress and egress ports lets network operators precisely control traffic through their network.

Additional traffic flow classification features let the operators better manage service level agreements and access control. Using multiple classification fields, operators can precisely monitor network traffic, ensure packets are forwarded to specific ports, specify transmission and dropping priorities, and keep their networks secure.

Zarlink's entire packet switching family is supported by one common software architecture that operates over telecommunications and enterprise networks, allowing customers to easily migrate to next-generation devices and speed their time-to-market. For more information, visit

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