Pairing WirelessUSB peripherals with hosts is now a snap -

Pairing WirelessUSB peripherals with hosts is now a snap

A new feature has been added to Cypress Semiconductor's WirelessUSB radio-on-a-chip devices that provides a simple and intuitive method for users to pair a peripheral with the desired host. Called the KISSBind, it lets users link the devices by simply bringing them in close proximity with one another. The KISSBind method requires no additional hardware components, accomplishing the host-peripheral link with free firmware provided by Cypress along with its WirelessUSB products.

Peripherals currently use one of three different methods for establishing a wireless link. The first involves pushing buttons on both the peripheral and the host in a specific sequence. Buttons add cost and manufacturing complexity to the peripheral and host. The second method presents a list of all hosts in range of the peripheral and requires the user to select the proper host. The list method requires a user interface on the peripheral, which is not available on many low-cost devices. It also requires the user to know the name (or other distinguishing characteristic) of the desired host in order to select it from the list. The third method involves close proximity linking, but requires an additional transceiver, adding cost and manufacturing complexity.

WirelessUSB has unique features which allow it to accurately determine when a pair of devices are in close proximity, thereby avoiding inadvertent binding between unintended devices. This feature enables users to pair devices by simply holding them close together, which is an intuitive method for pairing a peripheral with a host. The KISSBind method is the most user-friendly and the lowest cost method for pairing devices. More information is available at

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