Panasonic, Itron work on smart meter for Japan -

Panasonic, Itron work on smart meter for Japan

Panasonic Corp . and Itron Inc. have joined together to develop a smart meter design specifically targeted to Japan's electric utilities needs and supports their communication protocols.

Panasonic is to be the primary bidder for meter and communications, while Itron will design, develop, manufacture and deliver to Panasonic its OpenWay smart meter with and without 3G cellular communications and compliant with the Japanese specifications.

OpenWay allows utilities to measure, collect, and analyze detailed data more frequently from electricity and gas meters providing utilities better insights into customers’ energy usage and consumption patterns.

In addition, collecting more timely, granular data will allow the utilities to offer time-based pricing programs for their customers, which help customers save money and consume less energy. OpenWay technology provides the time-differentiated meter readings needed to support these time-based rates.

The design will be configured to support multiple communication options, including cellular, RF mesh and Power Line Carrier to meet specific First meter designs are expected to be available by October 2013 for use in several 100K meters for project field trials.

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