Panel to seek successful future for IP -

Panel to seek successful future for IP


London, UK — If and how the intellectual property market has to change its business model to be successful will be the focus at a panel at the beginning of the DATE 2004 conference in Paris. Jim Tully, chief analyst at Gartner Dataquest will chair the 6th Annual IP Business Forum Panel sponsored by The Alba Centre and Skye Marketing Communications.

Tully, said, “The past several years have seen a struggle for survival for many semiconductor IP companies in a changing market. Business models and the economic climate will have a compelling impact on the success of IP vendors in the future. Defining the role of IP vendors and the real value of IP transactions will be critical to the success of the IP market over the next 3-5 years.”

The organisers believe that the IP business has been hard hit over the past several years by economics and a drop in the number of chip designs and reduced profitability for semiconductor vendors. Most IP business models result in excessive commoditization and low prices of IP products, which has led vendors to exit the IP business and leaving users without support. If SoC is to achieve its potential, the industry must find a way of sustaining a viable IP market.

Entitled The IP Business Model of the future: What Will it Look Like, the panel will be held at 5pm on Monday 16th February and includes panellists from ARM, STMicroelectronics, Verisity, Chartered Semiconductor, Mentor Graphics, and StarCore DSP.

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