Parallel optic modules deliver up to 6.25-Gbit/s per channel -

Parallel optic modules deliver up to 6.25-Gbit/s per channel

San Diego—Avago Technologies announced availability of its next-generation parallel optics modules, which include the AFBR-776/786BxxZ 12-channel devices that provide 6.25-Gbit/s per channel for an aggregate of 75-Gbit/s per link (up to 100 meters).

The 12-channel parallel optic devices will include two-wire serial interface monitoring capabilities for expanded per channel functionality and programmability.

In addition to the AFBR-776/786BxxZ, Avago also announced the availability of its AFBR-775/785BxxZ 12-channel parallel optic module, which delivers 5-Gbit/s per channel for a combined 60-Gbit/s per link (up to 150 meters).

The AFBR-776/786BxxZ and AFBR-775/785BxxZ devices consume less than 53 milliwatts per gigabit and are based on the SNAP12 form factor, which provides high signal integrity.

Applications include data center, high performance computing, clustering and terabit routing, and switching systems.

Pricing: Begins in the $1,000 range.
Availability: The AFBR-776/786BxxZ and AFBR-775/785 are available now and consists of a transmitter and receiver pair.

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