Parametric test gets throughput and accuracy upgrade -

Parametric test gets throughput and accuracy upgrade


Keithley Instruments Inc., has upgraded its S530 parametric test systems which is used for fully automatic production parametric test solutions in the semiconductor industry.

These enhancements include the addition of Keithley's high throughput switch mainframe for high integrity signal switching, full Kelvin measurements at the probe card for greater low-ohms accuracy, hardware protection modules that safeguard sensitive system instruments from high voltages, and a complete range of “probes up” system specifications and diagnostic tools.

Two different S530 systems are available: a low current version developed for measuring characteristics such as sub-threshold leakage, gate leakage, etc., and a high voltage version for the difficult breakdown and leakage tests that GaN, SiC, and Si LDMOS power devices demand.

The S530 Low Current System (from two to eight SMU channels) provides sub-picoamp measurement resolution and low current guarding all the way to the probe pin.

The S530 High Voltage System (from three to seven SMU channels) incorporates a source-measure unit (SMU) capable of sourcing up to 1000V at 20mA (20W max.).

When appropriately configured, S530 systems can address all the DC and C‑V measurement applications required in process control monitoring, process reliability monitoring, and device characterization.

The Automated Characterization Suite (ACS) software that controls S530 systems streamlines test project development by allowing new test scripts to be tested interactively without compromising throughput in full automatic mode. ACS also provides for off-line test project development and test results analysis.

S530 systems employ version 4.3 of the ACS software on which several other proven Keithley test systems operate, which improves lab-to-fab correlation and speeds system learning. ACS maximizes the efficiency and flexibility of S530 systems, combining all the elements necessary for automated parametric testing in a single integrated package.

All S530 systems are equipped with high power SMUs, which provide up to 20W of source or sink capability on both the 200V and 20V ranges, for complete characterization of the high power devices and circuits prevalent in today's mobile devices. Whether the application is testing LDMOS Si or GaN BJTs, this higher power capability provides enhanced visibility into device performance.

It also ensures S530 systems can test high power devices without compromising the low current sub-picoamp sensitivity needed to monitor mainstream device processes.

The S530 High Voltage System offers 1kV to any probe card pin on up to 32 pins which enables high voltage and low current sensitive measurements in a single pass, enabling the accurate characterization of high power devices. The system's high voltage SMU can source up to 1000V at 20mA (20W max.).

Each S530 test system employs a high performance switch matrix and high fidelity signal pathways to direct signals between instruments and test pins. The performance of these pathways directly influences the performance of the test system as a whole by setting upper current and voltage ranges, and limiting low-level measurements due to current offsets. The S530 has eight high fidelity pathways that can be used to route instruments to pins dynamically.

For example, up to eight SMUs can be routed to any pin (or number of pins) at one time. The Low Current System delivers uniform performance across all eight pathways; the High Voltage System provides two high voltage/low leakage pathways, four general-purpose pathways, and two C-V pathways. Both systems support C-V measurements up to 2MHz.

All source-measure units (SMUs) built into S530 Parametric Test Systems are based on Keithley's production-qualified instrument technology. The SMUs are four-quadrant sources, so they can source or sink current or voltage. In addition to precision sourcing circuits, they include programmable limits (compliance) across all ranges, which helps protect both devices and probe tips from damage due to device breakdown. Each SMU also measures both voltage and current while sourcing, which ensures that parameter calculations reflect actual conditions rather than simply the programmed conditions.

All S530 systems can be equipped with a high speed capacitance meter for C-V measurements up to 2MHz to any pin. This C-V unit can measure a 10pF capacitor at 1MHz with 3 percent accuracy.

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