Partner program provides validated solutions -

Partner program provides validated solutions

PARIS – A series of integrated third-party product solutions have been released as part of Jaluna's Validated Platform program. Jaluna's approach is designed to reduce risks by assuring a standard level of integration, validation, and support for a variety of selected third-party modules.

The Jaluna-1 carrier-grade real-time software component suite and IP Infusion's ZebOS Advanced Routing Suite have been integrated to target network control systems. Jaluna performed the initial step of integrating ZebOS with Jaluna-1. In turn, these product combinations will be validated by IP Infusion. Both companies are working together on synchronising their joint future release roadmap and support programs.

Jaluna is working on similar validated platform activities with the Lauterbach Trace32 emulation tool, the Kyoto Software Research Fugue flash file system, Solid Information Technology's embedded database management system, Object Computing Tao, CORBA-compliant middleware, Silicon and Software Systems' ATM and management solutions, Elmic Systems' TurboTreck embedded IP stack, NexGen Software's embedded TCP/IP suite, graphical user interface and micro-browser, and the WebSoft Esprit embedded browser.

Jaluna has also established a number of technology partnerships including the Motorola Semiconductor PowerQUICC integrated communications processors and PowerPC processors, the Motorola Computer Group board products based on PowerQUICC and PowerPC processors, and the Advantech embedded and networking computing products.

In these joint technology relationships, Jaluna and the company agree to pool their resources to create the basis of new products or market solutions under a jointly defined roadmap.

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