Partnership results in low-cost DAB, FM, MP3 player -

Partnership results in low-cost DAB, FM, MP3 player

Frontier Silicon has partnered with SigmaTel to produce Atlas 2 combined DAB (digital audio broadcasting), FM, and MP3 player platform. The resulting devices bring together Frontier Silicon's Naples FS 2011 miniature tri-band DAB/FM digital radio module and SigmaTel's STMP3500 series MP3 processor and portable audio SoC to provide a customizable, ready to manufacture solution.

The Naples FS 2011 module within Atlas 2 is a compact, low-power, high-performance DAB and FM OEM module. SigmaTel's STMP3500 portable audio SoCs are highly-integrated and battery-optimized, designed to decode compressed audio files using high-performance audio codec, DSP, USB interface, and general purpose I/O. The SoC also supports MP3 and WMA audio format algorithms as well as security in WMA digital rights management (DRM).

The Atlas 2 platform can be configured to customer requirements, including optional hardware FM, selectable memory size, keyboard, and LCD options. The pcb can be powered by a lithium ion/polymer battery back, or using a mini-B type-B connector, and provides on-board charging and power management. It features a full MMI interface implemented on either a 1.1-in. single-color OLED or backlit graphics FSTN display. Atlas 2 is available now. More information is available at or

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