Partnership to ease route to venture funding -

Partnership to ease route to venture funding

BATH, England — Catalyst Venture Partners is looking for start-ups to join its Accelerator Programme following the setting up of a partnership with venture capital investors handling £200 million in funds.

Catalyst’s Funding Partnership includes Matrix Private Equity Partners, VCF Partners, South West Ventures Fund and Octopus Asset Management, who collectively manage over £200 million of investment funds and span the full spectrum of investing from early stage, through expansion, to full-scale development capital.

The arrangement means the venture capital investors will be able to monitor progress of companies that participate in Catalyst’s Accelerator Programme, a 6- to 12-month programme that prepares technology start-ups for investment. The investors will be able to meet with management teams, to understand their businesses in depth, and to contribute their experience to companies’ development plans.

Richard Turner, founder of Catalyst, said, “Our Accelerator Programme has been a great success and we have around 15 graduate companies each year. We help them to identify the most appropriate marketing strategy, recruit key individuals, obtain their first customers and prepare suitable investor documentation. The Funding Partnership will help them achieve the next step of obtaining funding, and we will still be there to support them in whatever way they need, after this.”

Companies graduating from the Accelerator Programme will have fast-track access to investors and be able to get their products to market faster – a critical issue for many technology start-ups. In addition, the investors will benefit from a close understanding of these investment opportunities and will have confidence that they have been well prepared for growth.

Helen Sinclair, of Matrix Private Equity Partners, a market leader in early stage investing with £65 million under management, commented, “we’re confident that companies graduating from Catalyst’s Accelerator Programme represent much better than average investment opportunities for us”.

Catalyst’s Accelerator Programme is open to technology companies that have strong intellectual property, a core management team in place, some initial sales and an addressable market of over £500 million.

Following establishment of the Funding Partnership, Catalyst now has a number of vacancies for new companies to join the programme and is targeting start-ups in the South of England and Wales.

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