Patent Attorneys host talks with the Chinese -

Patent Attorneys host talks with the Chinese


LONDON — A delegation from China, made up of members of the All-China Patent Attorneys Association (ACPAA) and Government Officials, have had two meetings in London with representatives of the Chartered Institute of Patent Agents (CIPA). The meetings were hosted by the Institute and were part of the Chinese mission to learn more about the patent systems in Europe and particularly the way in which Patent Attorneys are regulated.

As well as an informal reception hosted by CIPA a seminar was organised where a number of papers covering topics of particular interest to the Chinese were given. Topics included the present activities of the Institute, the services provided by the Institute to its members, the structure and legal framework of the Institute, the education and examination of entrants to the profession, and the inter-relationship between Patent Attorneys, solicitors and barristers in the various courts where Intellectual Property disputes are heard.

During their European mission the Chinese delegation also visited the European and U.K. Patent Offices as well as the French and German Patent Attorney associations. Last year CIPA hosted a similar meeting with the Korean Patent Attorneys Association (KPAA).

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