Patent Office seeks feedback on cutting paperwork -

Patent Office seeks feedback on cutting paperwork

LONDON — The U.K. Patent Office has launched a consultation on whether to cut paperwork and form filling for businesses who are managing their intellectual property assets.

The organisation is asking innovators, asset managers and intellectual property law professionals whether it should streamline its current submission procedures for patents, trademarks and design registration to save businesses time.

The proposals include merging forms which require identical actions – rights owners currently have to fill out separate forms for change of ownership, change of agent or change of name or address for each different intellectual property right.

There is a suggestion that increasing the options available on some forms to reduce the necessity to fill out separate forms and expanding the range of forms from those that are currently available for download from the Patent Office website by electronic methods. The proposals also cover standardising the overall appearance of the forms across all business areas and improving the clarity of the forms.

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