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PBX data collection based on Green Hills tools

LONDON — The Scannex ip.buffer range of PBX data collection products is using Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY RTOS, MULTI integrated development environment, optimizing compilers and Green Hills Probe for its ARM9-based system.

Scannex (Hove, England) says it evaluated a number of products debugging capabilities, core size, cost as well as company pedigree before making its choice.

“The integration of MULTI, Probe and INTEGRITY enabled us to debug and develop much more efficiently, and with the confidence that the end product would be stable,” said Scannex technical director, Matthew Page. “The remote Ethernet debugging capability of INTEGRITY became an indispensable part of our development cycle. This incredible level of debugging has enabled us to produce a very mature, stable product in a much shorter timeframe.”

Scannex designs and manufactures data collection products that are primarily used in the telephone call accounting, alarm and secure remote administration markets. There is a wide range of PBX types that output their data either by a standard serial connection or across the network using TCP/IP protocols.

Many companies employ call accounting software to charge out telephone calls made on their exchange ” and loss of data means loss of revenue. In addition, many have quality of service (QoS) requirements for telephony. Consequently, the buffers must work reliably over a long period of time with little, or no, user intervention. In some cases Scannex' products are installed in wide area networks where many of the nodes are inaccessible or unmanned, perhaps a drive of several hours apart.

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