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PC/104 carrier card fits cellular wireless and GPS-based M2M apps


Arcom has released a versatile PC/104 baseboard to add cellular wireless communications to any embedded machine-to-machine (M2M) system. The WEB-Telemetry includes sites for locating iDEN and GPRS/GSM cellular modems from Motorola (iO200, iO1500R), Sony Ericsson (GM47/48), and Siemens (MC35i). The board also serves as a wide input (10 to 30 V) regulated power supply, as well as providing an integrated Trimble GPS receiver module. The board measures just 155 by 100 mm. According to the company, the WEB-Telemetry is the first commercially available embedded carrier board for the iO200, the latest iDEN modem recently released by Motorola. The iO200, with its integrated GPS functionality, offers a low-cost solution for M2M applications using the Nextel data network. The WEB-Telemetry provides the matching connectors, power supplies and where appropriate, the SIM card carrier for plug-n-go operation. The board can be fitted with a low power Trimble LassenSQ GPS receiver to provide positional data and a 1 pulse/s synchronization to an atomic clock. For more information, go to www.arcom.com/products/icp/pc104/modules/WEB_telemetry.htm.

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