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PC-controlled pattern generator managed via USB 2.0 interface


Nivelles (Thines) Belgium—Byte Paradigm has released the Wave Generator Xpress, an Arbitrary Digital Waveform Generator (Pattern Generator) that is controlled from a PC through a USB 2.0 high speed interface.

The product is part of the company's strategy initiated with the Xpress series: to fill a demand gap for personal, single-function PC instruments fast and easy to deploy and provided in a compact form factor. Wave Generator Xpress targets ASIC, FPGA, DAC and digital board verification and characterization, especially for post-manufacturing IC and board system prototype functional test.

Wave Generator Xpress generates up to 16 bits arbitrary patterns at up to 50 MHz. The device also features six additional control lines for I/O clock management and autonomous repetitive sequence generation synchronized with data. Maximum data depth per run is 100 MByte in case the data is streamed directly from the PC over the USB link.

Wave Generator Xpress is delivered with the 8PI Control Panel software and ADWG mode of operation that includes a Windows GUI, a TCL/tk scripting interface and a free C/C++ API. This allows controlling the Wave Generator Xpress from within custom environments (e.g. developed in Visual Basic).

Pricing: $699.
Availability: Now.
Datasheet: Click here.

Byte Paradigm, www.byteparadigm.com

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