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PC recycling to aid the aged


LONDON — Maxitech.biz, the not-for-profit recycling company, is looking to the IT directors of UK based companies to donate old computer equipment rather than dump it.

Maxitech will use the equipment to support such activities as the Voice & Choice initiative from Age Concern which aims to get the voice of people over 55 heard in the Borough of Islington. The company donated ten recycled computers to the operation for use as prizes.

Peter Paduh, managing director of Maxitech.biz, said, “Annually an estimated two million working Pentium, or equivalent PCs, are dumped in landfill sites in the UK. Most organisations upgrade IT systems every three years, which is expected to create 315 million obsolete computers worldwide.”

“There are thousands of older people over the age of 55 on low incomes who cannot afford to buy a computer for home use but who could benefit from having one.

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