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PCB maker adds services and links to Far East suppliers

LONDON — Ciratex, the South Shields based manufacturer of high performance PCBs for the automotive, telecommunications, medical and defense sectors, has set up new services to provide quick turnaround production, advanced applications and high volume multi-layer production.

The Fastrax quick-turnaround service aims to provide a complete supply chain for complex multi-layers on rapid lead-times which should make it suited to new product introductions. The company is continually investing to make the service better, with the addition of more flexible test equipment and increased front-end tooling capability.

After six months of process qualification for flex-rigid production, Ciratex has launched Ciraflex to cater for the requirements of the customer with high-end, flex-rigid, thermal management and extreme environment applications.

Circatex is also using its mass-production experience to validate international partners in more cost-effective regions for large-scale supply of PCBs.

Mark Beesley, managing director Circatex Group, said, “Circatex has a premium pedigree for mass-production of high layer count multi-layer PCBs, and we have used our expertise in this field to identify secure, high quality partners in lower cost regions. Our focus on service can now be complemented with high-volume supply. Our customers interact directly with our team in the UK and benefit from so many advantages over dealing direct with the Far East. Circatex services the Customer with technical support, quality review, DFM at customer sites, UK volume manufacturing capability in 5-days in the case of urgent requirements.”

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