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PCB maker spends £2million on equipment

LONDON — Printed circuit board manufacturer Exception PCB, formerly known as DDi Europe, has invested £2million in new equipment at its Tewkesbury plant. The move comes in the wake of the management buy-out of DDi in February 2005.

The Tewkesbury facility provides a time-critical, technology-focused manufacturing service for both UK and European-based customers. By adding products such as flex, flex-rigid and copper-filled microvias, for high density applications, Exception is looking to win new business across a variety of market sectors.

The new equipment includes a laser-drilling unit, an ESI Model 5300, featuring a high-power UV laser and continuous drill rates of over 20,000 microvias per minute. It can drill accurately through all materials currently being manufactured in the PCB industry. A new plasma system will improve production flexibility and enable Exception to increase further its capability for quick-turnaround, high technology PCBs.

Garry Myatt, sales director at Exception PCB, said, “With the ever-increasing demand of OEMs miniaturising their product ranges, the need for additional layers with fine line geometry continues to push the boundaries of technology. Indeed, the market is demanding increased microvia capacity and we have now extended our capability to three machines.”

Exception PCB’s management team is led by chief operating officer Craig Wright, and along with sister companies VAR and EMS, it has a combined turnover in excess of £50 million.

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