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PCG to offer advice to freelancers

LONDON — The Professional Contractors Group (PCG), which represents the UK's freelance contractors and consultants, will be on hand at ESC UK to offer practical advice to anyone considering setting up as a freelancer.

PCG was formed in May 1999 to provide independent contractors and consultants with a representative voice in opposition to the original IR35 proposals. Since then, PCG has evolved from being a single-issue campaign group to being a fully fledged, not-for-profit professional body representing knowledge workers who choose to be self-employed.

Visitors to the show can meet PCG and will glean essential information on tax issues, insurance, accounting, personal finances and other practical tips about running a business alone.

Today there are 1.4 million freelancers working in the UK across all sectors and IT and engineering contractors represent a growing percentage of those people opting to set up their own businesses. PCG has 18,500 members who benefit from the support of an organization committed to looking after their interests.

PCG provides its members with expert knowledge and tools including free tax and legal help lines, contract templates to mitigate IR35 and other business risks, online forums and a range of PCG vetted business solutions such as access to recruitment agencies, job portals, book-keeping, accountancy, mortgages for the self-employed, insurances, debt-collection and financial advice.

John Brazier, managing director of PCG explained, “In many ways freelancers are the embedded system of the workforce, often brought in to fulfil a specific function vital to performance, but receiving little recognition of the value that they contribute; they are the unsung heroes of the workplace. Irreversible structural, social and economic trends mean that freelancing is here to stay ” it is a valid career choice and not just a stopgap for many and the growing number of professionals who are opting to go freelance is proof of that.”

For more details see the ESC UK website.

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