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PCI card boasts high analog density


Digium's Wildcard TDM2400P is a dense and scalable card available for building an Asterisk-based telephony system for SOHO and SME environments. The 32-bit, 33-MHz PCI 2.2-compliant card is designed with the company's patent-pending VoiceBus architecture. It supports quad-FXS station and quad-FXO office interfaces for connecting analog telephones and lines through a PC, without taking up numerous PCI slots.

The Wildcard TDM2400P replaces the requirement for a separate channel bank and T1 interface cards while offering superior echo cancellation on both FXO and FXS interfaces. The quad-FXO and quad-FXS modules are interchangeable allowing the combination of interfaces up to six slots for four-port FXS or FXO modules. Easy installation is accomplished thanks to the standard 50-pin Amphenol connector. More information is available at www.digium.com.

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