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PCI Express by-16 card edge connector adds integrated retention arm

FCI introduced a by-16 vertical PCI Express card edge connector with an integrated retention arm for PCI Express graphics cards. The flexible arm extends away from the end of the connector body and includes a molded post that snaps into a notch on the bottom of the add-in card. The post is designed to engage with the “hockey stick” shaped hook defined on the bottom of the graphics card. Removal of a graphics card is facilitated by pushing the flexible arm away from the card until the molded post disengages from the notch on the card's bottom. The card can then be unplugged from the by-16 PCI Express card edge connector.

This latching-post locking mechanism restrains the graphics card in the vertical direction, preventing the card from backing out of the connector and protecting against electrical interrupts caused by system-level shocks and vibration.

The 10046742 connector series is RoHS-compliant and is compatible with lead-free wave solder temperatures. Typical pricing ranges from $0.35 to $0.42 each for 5000-piece quantities, depending upon contact area finish. For more information, visit FCI on the web at www.fciconnect.com/pciexpress.

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