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PCI Express compliance testing enhances protocol analyzers, exercisers

LeCroy released version 4.4 of its PETracer software, which includes integrated and automated PCI Express compliance testing containing 100% coverage of the PCI-SIG defined validation tests for the Link and Transaction layers of the protocol for devices. The software's compliance testing capabilities leverage company's PETracer/PETrainer analyzers and exercisers to achieve high performance. The complete solution gives PCI Express designers a solution to verify and validate PCI Express devices.

The PCI Express compliance test software lets users display a log window that shows the events leading up to the pass or fail of an individual compliance test. It identifies errors, including type, shows where the errors occurs in the trace, and provides hyperlinks back to the location of the error within the trace. PETracer 4.4 incorporates the Verification Script Engine (VSE), which lets users run initiator scripts independently from the turnkey system and create their own custom evaluation and validation tests.

PETracer Version 4.4 Software Update is available free of charge. For additional information, visit the LeCroy web site at www.lecroy.com.

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