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PCI Express Spec 2.0 gets debug support


Chestnut Ridge, New York—Oscilloscope and serial data test equipment supplier LeCroy Corp . adds support for the latest PCI Express Specification 2.0 to its wares. Spec 2.0 provides a 100-percent increase in data rate, to 5-Gbits/s/lane. The software package is available as an upgrade for all existing users of LeCroy analyzers.

The new spec also offers errata updates, completion timeouts, functional level reset, link bandwidth notification, and access control features. PCI Express developers—even those without immediate need for the higher data rates—are expected to take advantage of the new features in this specification.

Supports New Spec Features

LeCroy's PETracer Software Version 5 now supports the new features defined in PCI Express Spec 2.0. It does this across the company's entire line of PCI Express protocol analyzers. These include the low-cost PETracer Edge , the PETracer ML , the PETracer EML , and the most recent PETracer Gen2 Summit . The PETracer Gen2 Summit includes support for the new data rate of 5-Gbits/s per lane.

A quick overview: the low cost PETracer Edge is intended for server, workstation, desktop, and add-in-board developers. The PETracer Edge analyzer system allows for complete bidirectional capture and decode of x4, x2, and x1 PCI Express links.

The PETracer ML provides bidirectional capture and decode of x8, x4, x2, and x1 PCI Express links. The PETracer ML can be used with the companion PETrainer ML Multilane PCI Express Exerciser to reduce time-to-market by enabling quick identification of logic and design flaws in products under development.

The PETracer EML advanced analyzer system provides bi-directional capture and decode of PCI Express links up to 16 lanes wide (x16). A companion PCI Express 16-lane advanced exerciser system, dubbed the PETrainer EML , is a test and verification tool.

Top Of The Line

The PETracer Summit is LeCroy's top-of-the-line PCI Express protocol analyzer, and the first such instrument to support PCI Spec 2.0 data rates. The PETracer Summit also introduces features such as lane swizzling. Lane swizzling gives you flexibility in circuit board design.

You also get auto-sensing of link width, support for bifurcated links where lanes of a single link are split across multiple connectors, and raw mode recording that supports debugging of PHY (physical layer) problems. The instrument combines the features of a logic analyzer format with a decoded protocol analyzer format.

The latest PETracer Software v5 is available on the Web for LeCroy customers under maintenance.

For more details contact LeCroy Corp., Customer Care Center, 700 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Chestnut Ridge, New York 10977. Phone: 800-453-2769 or 845-425-2000. Fax: 845-425-8967. E-mail: contact.corp@lecroy.com.

LeCroy , 845-425-2000, www.lecroy.com

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